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2 points short

Laura (formerly Larry, but given the situation at hand probably Laura from here on out) had just finished hearing the judges (three old women who spent years as dance teachers) score her dance number. Laura was dumbfounded she was two points short of going to the final round and instead going for a ride on the cream machine as her prize for being the first one eliminated. Laura was terrified she would be playing a game with such a frightening reputation, The cream machine is a simulator where you are in control of a sperm on its way to the egg. The machine started by fucking the player until it sensed a orgasm, and on orgasm would release a sperm like fluid(a nutrient rich mix that allows sperm extra mobility and lifespan) into the players vagina and this would also signal for the player to start. If the player could make it to the egg with the machine vibrating and fucking you it let you off, if not a large load of potent cum would be shot right up into their fertile pussy. Laura was 22 seconds from the end when a orgasm caused her to lose control and fail to hit the target, as the machine finished pumping sperm into her overfilled uterus all she could think about hoping she did not end up the 222 loser the machine knocked up


Alexi (formerly alex) was determined to win, he had to be the price of failure was a life as a woman, possibly more. Read more