My girlfriend… well, ex-girlfriend, caught me cheating on her tonight. After she kicked Becca out with promises of revenge, she turned and lit into me. I tried to explain that I didn’t meant to cheat on her- I just couldn’t help it! When I saw Becca naked like that I couldn’t resist the compulsion to fuck her.

Well, Amy didn’t really buy that line. She spat at me, then sneered, “Compulsion? I’ll show you a compulsion.” and then started chanting some strange words. I got dizzy and passed out before she finished.

When I woke up Amy was gone, but there was definitely still a woman in the room. In fact, she was moaning passionately and I could tell just by the sound that this was one horny girl. I wanted to look up and see who she was, but I was far too distracted by the tasks of groping my big tits and rubbing my hot, wet little pussy to bother. After all, it felt way too good to possibly stop!

Then I heard the front door open and the sound of my roommate, Zaire, talking into his cell phone. The woman moaned… well, I moaned… in need. Suddenly I couldn’t get the imagine of his cock out of my head. I’d seen it in passing before, and it was pretty large even when it was flaccid. The thought of that big, hard dick sliding into me and filling me up was insanely hot, and rather than hide my new feminine nudity I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy faster. I wanted, no NEEDED, to be a wet and ready slut for Zaire when he saw me. There was just no resisting that compulsion.


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