Brenda had by far the nicest boobs in the class. But to all of the boys distress she, unlike every other girl in class, didn’t try to show her possessions off. They weren’t sure if it was because she didn’t know how great a rack she had, or if she did know and just enjoyed making every guy in class dream of what they looked like. Finally, they had had enough and one guy took a stand. He’d been working on a machine that could send someone’s mind into another’s body and control them. With all of the other guys in class waiting anxiously he used the machine on himself. When he opened his eyes he could barely see. What had gone wrong?! Wait a minute, the reason he couldn’t see was because there was hair in front of his eyes! He suddenly had long hair! The boy looked down at the possessed girl he now controlled and led her body back to his lab. All the others shook with anticipation as the “girl”” walked into the room. Then she started to unbutton her shirt revealing the delicious cleavage they had all been waiting to behold.”


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