Beanies and Redheads

Justin had resolved in his mind a while back that there were two things that he really really loved. Beanies and Redheads. He was determined to find a redhead that liked Beanies as much as he did. Unfortunetly for him, his friend Sarah didn’t enjoy being ignored because she was neither. “If you like them so much let’s see how much you’d enjoy being one!”” With a snap of her fingers Sarah transformed Justin into this bombshell. Justina let out a yelp of surprise while Sarah just laughed. Then Sarah stopped laughing. Justina was blowing kisses at herself in the mirror and feeling up her body. Justina began to laugh and cheer while Sarah just stared open mouthed. “”Thanks Sarah!”” Justina said as she lifted Sarah with a big hug. “”Best gift ever!!”” Then Justina ran away laughing and jumping for joy. Sarah just stared as the brand new girl ran, “”Dammit,”” She muttered.”


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