Claimming The Prize Part 1

Yes me a 20 year old high school jock has been won the lottery. But my ex- cheerleader wife was not very happy about it. She told me that she loved me but she knew me and me with that kind of money she knew I would be unfaithful and I knew she was right. The next day after putting 83 million dollars in the bank we got home and my wife told me to strip. I knew when she was like this she would fuck my brains out. So I stripped and she did too. Then she opened a tube of pink gel and rubbed it on my cock. I felt my body go limp and fell back on the sofa and she was on top of me. I could not do anything but respond to her touch she was pushing me over the edged and I came but nothing came out of my cock but I felt myself shrink and change with every jerk while my wife pumped it. She would not let it go and it kept jerking and shrink till my wife s hand was win in a hole between my legs. Then even the hole got so small that all she could do was get two fingers in it holding and working the tiny button that was my cock. Then I realized I had tits and she was fingering my hot wet pussy but all I could do was lay there and moan.


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