Chem Class Mistake

Ms. Claire Smith’s chemistry class was going well, she had managed to make it a whole semester without anyone poisoning themselves. Clair was a young teacher, in her twenties, but she liked enriching young minds.



Clair was snapped out of her thoughts by screaming and saw on of her students, Charlie, was covered in a strange oil, his beaker and shattered and rain down some sort of chemical concoction down on him.

“Into the shower now.” Clair instructed.

Once Charlie was in the shower for a bit the water stopped.

“How do you feel?” Clair asked.

“HNGH!” Charlie groaned in pain

Clair noted that Charlie looked…softer. his body seemed to be going through some changes. His hair was curlier, his stomach seemed to be thinning out, his chest seemed to jiggle ever so slightly as he hissed in pain.

“Oh…OHHH!!!” Charlie moaned ripping his shirt off and showing off two new, huge breasts.

“Incredible!” Clair thought to herself “The chemicals changed him into a female…Hmm…”

Clair sent her class off while she dealt with Charlie.

“What happened to me?” Charlie said grabbing his new breasts and moving his pants “My dick’s gone!”

“Listen Charlie.” Clair smiled putting a hand on the new girls shoulder “I need you to tell me everything that was in that vial.


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