Spring Break on Swap Island

“Dude this is freaking sweet.” Kyle (Right) said checking out his body.

“Yeah it is” Nate (Left) said adjusting his top.

“Going to Swap Island for spring break was genius.”

It was that time of the year again, Spring Break, and college students from all across the country were going on vacation. One popular destination was Swap Island, a place where upon entering visitors are placed into the body of another guest during their stay.

It’s very popular among college students because it gives them a chance to experiment.

“You two look good.” two men said walking up to Kyle and Nate.

These guys were hot, nice abs, big pecs…everything a girl would want.

“I’m Kyle, this is Nate, who are you.”

“I’m Stella.” the one boy said “This is my best friend, Renee. Is this your first time here?”

“Yeah? What about you girls…or guys.” Nate asked.

“Same for us.” Renee smiled, checking out Nate’s body.

“Like what you see?” Nate smirked pushing his breasts up.

“Maybe?” Renee smirked back “Male bodies are different, it’s fun being able to walk around without a shirt on and not have people stare.”

Kyle and Nate both noticed that their new friends were sporting some big packages.

“Would you girls like to get some drinks?” Stella asked.

“Sure thing handsome.” Kyle smiled walking to the bar with the hunk.

Kyle was excited, this vacation was going to be full of fun…and hopefully his female body would be full of a lot more.


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