Cheating ex

I don’t know how, but my girlfriend somehow knew I was cheating on her. She broke up with me, and a few weeks later, she devised a plan to get revenge on me.
She said that I had broken her, and that she didn’t deserve that. She told me I should be the one who shouldn’t have anything left.
In the blink of an eye, I found myself in her body. She wandered off in my body, and went on with my life. She continued to see the girl I cheated her on with, and that drove me crazy. I was starting to get jealous of this girl… I also started to look back on my relationship and was now see it with a different eye.
I’m guessing she must have played with my mind somehow, I was starting to think exactly like her! And I realised that “I” really had lost everything. This relationship was very important to me… and now I was on my own.

I quickly learned to adapt to my new life and body though. It was still strange to see the girl I left every day in the mirror. It was hurting, but at some point I stopped to think and started to embrace this new life. I am now Emily and happy to be a girl.
To be honest, I can’t wait to find a new boyfriend, at least to try and make my “ex” jealous…


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