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Reversal Rings: Stealing a new life

I went through the plan once again in my mind.
“Empty your pockets from anything that might identify you” – Check.
“Place the ring where she can see it when she walks to the car” – Check.
“Stay in wait on the other side of the fence to give myself a headstart” – Check
“Stand ready with the other ring”. I padded my pocket. Check. Read more

Cheating and Stealing

When my girlfriend caught me cheating on her I thought we’d be finished. I didn’t really care because she wasn’t any fun in bed. Like any breakup she wanted to know why and I told her the truth. Babe, our sex is like a 3 out of 10, you need to embrace the way your body feels and have fun with it. She started crying and begged me to give her another chance. Little did I know she was buying time to get her revenge. Read more