Chauvinist Kiss

Hank on the right was a male chauvinist pig, and his girlfriend Lana on the left had enough. She found out recently she contracted the Fem Virus, which had almost no effect at all on women, but women were carriers. A kiss would transfer the virus, and knowing what she had with the symptoms of a huge sex drive, she easily brought herself to kiss her boyfriend Hank, even though she was mad at him, and no longer in love with him.

She kissed him, even while he was down talking her again, telling her she was an inferior person and always would be. She let go as the changes took place instantly to Hank.

Lana said, “I guess you are inferior like me then, Hank. I just gave you the Fem Virus, so you are one of us now! Welcome to womanhood Hank, or should I call you Hannah now? All those bad things you said about women, me in particular, I guess you are just like that yourself then, if that’s what you believe about women, because you ARE a woman now, and there is not cure for the Fem Virus baby cakes. Better get used to having boobs and a pussy, sweets.”

“H… how could you do this to me?! I’m… a… chick?! My voice, this… body, I’m so small now, and weak. I have a… oh no it’s gone, I have a vagina! Even my hair is longer now! Why is my shirt so tight now? My pants are too, they feel like they are going to rip,” said Hank now a female.

Lana gladly replied, really enjoying this thoroughly, “That’s because you are wearing male clothing, not made to fit a female body. You have curves now babe. I see your chest is filling out nicely, I’d say you’re a DDD cup by now, and your hips, thighs, and butt are doing the same, your pants weren’t made for it. A large cute top and a skirt would give you more room you know.”

“Are you kidding me?! First you give me this virus and make me a chick now you want me to wear a skirt and a cute top,” yelled a desperate, upset Hank still unused to his new voice.

“Um, yeah! You are a girl now? That’s something girls wear, well some of us occasionally do anyway. I mean don’t you want to feel pretty there Hannah,” laughed Lana.

“Pretty, are you kidding? Ugh, what am I going to do,” asked Hank.

Lana said, “You are going to get some new clothes first, and I think some heels would go nice on your beautiful little feet too, what do you say, blouse, skirt, and heels? I’ll be your friend and teach you the ins and outs of being a woman. Just remember though, we aren’t as good as guys according to you, so hang your head low when you seen a man, something you will never be again! Oh, and not to point out anything, but you do have a huge ass, sorry but you’re butt will look big in anything other than a flared skirt. Just saying.”

Hank almost grabbed his new ass instinctively and even said, “Are you serious, my butt looks big?”

Lana laughed, “Yes, but that can be a good thing. Wow, you haven’t even been a girl very long and already you are talking like one, or at least how you think we talk that is. Now get your inferior fat ass upstairs to my closet, time for you to dress the part. You best get used to it, it’s not going away, and I even heard your boobs and butt could grow over the first week. If the size they gained just in a few minutes is any indication, I’m thinking you might end up with J cup boobs, and a ghetto booty by the end of the week baby cakes. Just pointing that out to your inferior female face!”

Hank said, “Alright enough with the inferior, you’re, I mean we are not inferior. I can’t think of myself that way, now that I am a chick like you. I have to feel good about myself, and right now with my big ass, I’m feeling a little self conscious and bad about my body.”

“Ah welcome to womanhood, Hannah. Now upstairs, I have to introduce you to tampons as well!”

Tears rolled down the new Hannah’s cheeks as SHE realized this was her new reality now, and that she never should have thought women were so inferior, after all despite here bad actions as Hank, her former girlfriend was still willing to help. If it were his guy friends they would have tried to just get with him or leave him in the dust because he wasn’t a guy anymore. Now he was starting to think maybe women were superior, or at least just as good, and so began his lifelong lesson, a chauvinist no more, hopefully becoming a sweet innocent little lady, well his former girlfriend did hope anyway!


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