Change Is in the Air.

Matt could not believe that his mother expected him to wear one of her old dresses out of the house and to the local village fete.

He knew his mother was doing her best to help him learn how to be a young woman and get used to his new body but he was happy wearing jeans and t-shirt like he always did and he did not mind that it made him look like a tomboy.

He had given in and started wearing knickers and a bra just because they fit better and held his breasts in place but that did not mean he was going to wear women’s clothes especially out of the house.

The great shift might have given him a woman’s body but it did not give him a woman’s mind and he was doing his best to resist his mother’s efforts to turn him into the little daughter she had always wanted and keep what little bit of his old identity he had left.

But to keep her happy he slipped it over his head and down over his t-shirt and jeans and looked disgustedly at his mother as he held up the hem at how happy it made her.

Knowing that he was not going to get any peace or quiet until he did what she said and wore it on Sunday to village fete.

But at least he had three days to get used to the idea as he stood there and screwed his face up behind his mother’s back in disgust and annoyance at what she was making him do.


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