Harry was captured by AssCorp, after getting caught sneaking around their facility. They were developing a secret serum to give women larger, rounder asses that were perfect. If it succeeded they would make millions in the cosmetic surgery industry. Harry was from a rival company, TitCorp, seeing if that serum could be perfected to give women the perfect boobs. AssCorp had other plans for Harry.

They gave Harry the serum which would only give women nice round asses. For men however, it would change them entirely female, THEN give them the perfect female ass! We see Harry here, strutting his stuff as Harriet, after the treatment was a success! They are training him to walk in heels which only help to accentuate his new fine ass. The leggings help to show it off too. They want to use him as their spokes model for their new product launch, called Beautiful Bottoms by AssCorp.

He, well now SHE was told if she didn’t comply, she would disappear, being sold to a pimp! If she tried to escape, she would be stunned with a well placed chip planted in her new bottom! She basically belonged to them now, now known as Harriet Hindside, their representative for the new serum.

To her surprise too, after six months, they said they were ready to test the new perfect boob serum, and guess who they picked to test? Harriet of course! Her name would change again, this time to Harriet Hooters Hindside, after the serum was a success, and Harriet was now sporting a pair of 32 DDD’s! Once again she would be the spokes model for their next big product called Beautiful Bosoms by AssCorp.

Harriet might not have made success for her old company, but she certainly was successful in her new place at AssCorp!


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