Change in Class

Hank thought he was the school’s teacher stud, and behind closed doors, he did have many students give him bj’s. That was until one day, when there was a change in class!

The whole class had left Friday afternoon in a hurry, ready for the weekend. One student, Aubrey stayed behind, to do what many of the others had done, blow Mr. Hank Weiner.

Aubrey winked at him, “You know Mr. Weiner, I think you’ve done too much of the same with the class, so I think it’s time for a change in class, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Whatever you want sweet. Change is good,” he said smiling as he pulled out his huge penis.

“I’m so glad you agree, just let it happen,” said Aubrey giggling softly.

As she started to suck Mr. Weiner, he put his left hand on her head, her blonde hair so soft and silky. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth in pleasure, as he had never felt this good of a blow jay before! Then suddenly, for a brief moment as he opened his eyes again, it appeared the young lady’s eye’s glowed; but he thought he must have been imagining it, and closed his eyes again, relishing in the pleasure.

Then suddenly all felt strange, he felt and odd shift in his body’s height, smaller softer, as he felt two weights on his chest, where his pecs were. He felt long hair around his face, not the crew cut he was used to, including bangs, and the fabric of his shirt was much silkier, but still pulled down like his shirt had been. His underwear felt smaller, silkier too, and he realized he was no longer grabbing his cock, as much longer nails were clutching a shaven pubic area! His pants felt strange too, tight, soft, silky, along with his legs, and his feet felt smaller and perched up and stuffed into something pushing his toes together.

He still felt pleasure from his student, but it was completely different! It was coming from a small slit area on his crotch. He opened his eyes immediately after taking in all this, and seen for “himself”. The young lady was still there, but she was licking a clit and pussy lips, and they were on him! The clothes he had on were different too, down enough to reveal his new boobs! He was wearing a pulled down silky brown top, black thong panties, and shiny suntan pantyhose, pulled down enough for the woman in front of him to pleasure him! The point was, he was a woman too now, just like her!

This was assured as soon as he let out a moan, hearing his much higher female voice.

“Oh my… Oh, what has happened here, Aubrey?!”

“Mr. Weiner, and I use the word Mr. loosely, I thought we needed a change in class, so I used my magical powers to give you a new perspective, a woman’s! How does it feel to have the pussy now? The soft boobs, and huge hips? Be wearing the heels, dress, and pantyhose? I wanted to spice things up, and I think I did. You see I’m not into guys, so this was my only way to satisfy you as my teacher. How do you like it, MISS WEINER,” Aubrey laughed a lot.

“This, this… is so… um… different. I can’t believe this is even possible, even my voice, I’m a real woman! So strange, so different, so pleasurable, and I’m so sensitive everywhere! This is just unbelievable! Once you change me back, I’ll give you an A+ and a recommendation to any college in the country,” Hank said in his sultry voice.

“Um, that’s the thing, MISS Weiner. You see, I think this class needed a more, well, permanent change? Also, I have a thing for teachers, female teachers, and since we’ve just started, I want to see where this goes. Also, I can’t really change you back. You see, the magic is passed down our family line, and I can only do a spell on a single person once. So any others I could do a spell, but not you. I’m sorry, I should have asked first, but I got so caught up in the moment, and my powers so new, I just had to try. I hope you understand, and you’ll be glad to know reality shifted, you and I are the only ones remembering Hank Weiner. To everyone else you are now Hannah Weiner, the same class, and teacher, just a woman now, and I might say a fine one at that, you have a nice ass!”

Aubrey slapped Hannah’s new ass, and it jiggled, surprising the former man, who always had a tight small butt before.

“I can’t believe this is happening! I’m stuck like this? I’m a woman for life?! Ms. Hannah Weiner. I can’t take this in, oh my,” said the new woman.

“Just feel this, and maybe you’ll start to be ok with this,” said Aubrey as she twirled her pierced tongue around Hannah’s new clitoris!

“OH MY GOODNESS,” said Hannah, reeling in pleasure, and thinking just maybe this would be a great change in class!


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