Casual get-together

Todd tucked his hair behind his ear and looked down at his chest for the eightieth time that afternoon. He just didn’t understand the appeal. Objectively, sure, he understood that Amy was attractive. She had nice hair. And she kept herself in shape. Her fashion sense was a little tacky but she was just nineteen. Straight guys just seemed to melt whenever she entered a room though. Todd couldn’t understand it.

Todd looked around the pool. Greg was staring at him. Or whoever was in Greg’s body. Was it Andy? He knew it was a guy. A lucky guy: Greg was gorgeous. This was Andy’s house, he wondered if New Greg was the host. Everything was so confusing post-Shift. Todd himself was living in a hotel for the time being while his lawyers tried to figure out who was legally entitled to what. Proving he was 36 year-old Todd Rieber and not some ditsy wannabe actress was hard enough.

He closed his eyes and sighed, feeling his breasts shift in the bikini he had purchased that morning. The bottoms were riding up in his new vagina but he didn’t know what the etiquette was for pulling them loose. He tried to ignore it. It was nice of Greg/Andy to have this party. Just to relax for the first time in weeks. And learn everyone’s new name! He opened his eyes. Greg was staring at him again while he toweled himself down. Todd felt his nipples tighten. A thought crept into his head. A thought he knew was wrong but couldn’t banish. Todd didn’t find Amy attractive… but Greg seemed to.

‘Great party, Andy. Say, could you help me lotion my back?’


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