Car guy to car girl

I had always been a car guy. As such, I had the bad habit of putting my love of cars before anything else. Just ask any of my ex-girlfriends. I was on my way to a job interview when I saw her. My dream car. It seemed impossible for a car like this to be sitting in a small, crappy used car lot, but there she was. I immediately turned off to get a closer look. It was almost uncanny. I had spent years thinking of my perfect car, even to the point of making a notebook outlining all the specs. Now, there were of course many perfect cars, depending what you wanted to use it for, but there was always one that was my favorite, and it was somehow sitting in this lot. I was so entranced looking at her that I didn’t even notice the salesman come up behind me.
“She’s a beauty ain’t she?”
I turned to see a middle aged man that looked like the quintessential salesman from the haircut right down to the cheesy smile. I would have laughed, but I was too interested in the car.
“She is. Think I could look under the hood?” I asked trying give away my desire.
The story was the same under the hood as the rest of the car. Every single detail seemed to be taken right out of my notebook. I had to keep reassuring myself that I wasn’t dreaming.
“Well, whadya think?” The salesman asked.
“I think she’s amazing.”
“She could be yours, if you’re willin’ to pay the price.” He said with his cheesy smile.
I laughed. There was no way I could afford this car. That’s why it was a “dream car”, never something to be actually attained, “Yeah right. This would cost me an arm and a leg!”
“Well, maybe not an arm and a leg. After all, I’m not a savage.” The salesman smiled, and proceeded to tell me his offer.
As it turned out, the salesman was some kind of wizard. Most of what he told me went right over my head, but what I did understand was that male essence was very valuable, and apparently the kind of essence I possessed was extremely rare. There was also a bunch of stuff about extracting male essence triggering some kind of reaction. However, at this point I was way too lost to follow, and the salesman noticed.
For the first time his smile cracked to show a bit of annoyance, “In short, you’re body is gonna start making female essence, and alot of it.”
“Meaning…” I said, still not quite following but starting to get an idea.
The salesman sighed, “Meaning you’re gonna turn female, like really female.”
I was processing the information while I stared at my dream car, and in the heat of the moment, I agreed. The salesman didn’t waste any time after getting my signature. He pulled out something that looked like the genie’s lamp from Aladdin and started chanting. A red mist started seeping through my skin and funnelling into the lamp. After the last of the mist was sucked out of me, my legs grew weak. The last thing I remember before passing out was the feeling of hands catching me before I hit the ground.
I woke up in a daze, not knowing exactly where I was. As I took in my surroundings, I remembered the deal I made. I quickly looked down to see that the deal was in fact real. Two mounds that could only be my new breasts protruded from my chest. I tried to stand and found that everything felt so different. The salesman came in shortly, wearing his cheesy smile, and congratulated me on my purchase. He ushered me out to my new car and handed me the keys.
During the walk, it started to dawn on me just what I had done, and regret was started to set in. I took the keys and went to unlock the door, not knowing what else to do when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. A beautiful brunette stared back at me. If i was going to be a girl for the rest of my life, at least I was a total babe. I got in and turned the key in the ignition. The deep purring of the engine comforted me and seemed to wash all the doubt and feelings of regret away. I revved the engine and felt its power. I was getting giddy just thinking about driving this beautiful creature. The salesman snapped me out of my reverie when he handed me what looked like a small purse.
“Something a little extra for the pretty lady.” He said with a smile before turning and heading towards his office.
Inside the purse I found a driver’s license with a picture of me (the new me) along with all my credit cards and other documentation under my new identity.
Over a year has passed since I made that deal, and I couldn’t be happier. I was still nuts about cars. In fact, I could argue I was even more into them than before. Whereas before I would get really excited about cars, now I found cars I like really got my engine going, if you catch my drift. So much so that when I’d go for drives, I’d get so hot and bothered, I would have to pull over several times to take care of my needs. I also found i’m quite the exhibitionist when i’m out on a drive, daring to masturbate in a position that people could easily see me or even putting on a show when I stop for gas. I don’t know if this is because of some magic the salesman did on me, but I don’t care. It was worth it.


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