House Mate Agreement

All three of us worked out an agreement, that we’d alternate chores each week, and look after the house as best as each of us could. Taking on more chores on weeks when money was tight, and paying more rent was an accepted way to get off of the chores list.

Well when things got a bit tough with my finances I spent more nights cooking and cleaning, but soon the work really dried up and I had to chat to Tom and Carl about maybe moving out.

It was Carl that said he didn’t mind paying half of my rent if I opted to take care of more things around the house. Tom said he’d happily chip in if he could get a little more out of me. I agreed, these guys were awesome to step up and look after me. I thought I could just take this time to try and get my career back on track. A few applications and interviews and I’d soon be contributing again.

But that never happened, my applications never even got a response. It was disheartening and I just felt like I was a real drain on the guys I was sharing with.

But they just made it worse, they insisted that it didn’t matter but I was feeling miserable and insisted we make it formal so I couldn’t rip them off. I knew they could put something together and I found the next morning a hefty contract to sign. I did, thinking they were so happy to help I could trust them.

But I shouldn’t have.

There was a clause I hadn’t seen in the contract that said I would continue to serve them as a house keeper but the role must be performed in a female body-suit. The forfeit clause was too great to challenge so after much complaining I started to perform my duties dressed in this slim body. At first just wearing my own clothes but Carl and Tom brought in clothes they felt more suitable.

Then the tasks started to get more personal. Tom pushed himself on me first. My strength and body mass was severally reduced as a woman and he used that to his advantage. Making advances and pressing himself against me. Letting his hand linger on my body, and teasing me making me feel feminine urges that conflicted with my memories of being their male house mate. It left me panting and wanting to experience more.

The next time I was alone I had to try to pleasure myself and I spent some blissful hours probing my pussy and teasing my erogenous zones. But the time lost to these pursuits made me late with all my other chores and Chad came home and was furious to find I’d been slacking off. He took me over his knee pulled down my panties and spanked my ass cheeks raw before I could struggle.

The red heat of my backside left me feeling humiliated and terrified of upsetting him. It wasn’t long before they were both touching and teasing me, and both would punish me for the slightest error.

One day they both came home to find me dressed like a slut and fingering myself in front of a mirror. They freaked out and I got a thrashing for my behavior, but Carl decided it was time I earned my keep be doing other chores, and Tom agreed. I was to let them satisfy these cravings and let the two men in my life use me any way they wanted.

I became their sexual slave that day, and spent most of my nights in their beds, and most of my days naked or dressed only in lingerie. The feeling of hollow need only ever relieved by their attentions and the fullness of their cocks.


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