Just a suggestion: Part 2

It had been a couple years since Arin discovered his abilities and things have been pretty amazing, we’ve gone off to college, live in a massive mansion (which Arin procured) and both have groups of girls absolutely wild for us. While this was all awesome, something had been nagging at me since this had all started.

I had been getting depressed over the last month, pushing the girls away. Every time we had sex I was picturing myself in the girls place, remembering Steve and how it felt to be with him, even how good it felt to clean the house, I was scared.

Everything came to a head one day when I went down to have breakfast only to find 4 of Arins girlfriends in sexy lingerie, cooking pancakes and talking about how amazing last night was. I sat there listening but found myself wanting it more and more desperately, I wanted to be able to dress like them again, act like them and even love like them again. That’s when Arin walked in.

Arin: “Hey… what’s up with you?”
Me: “I… Uh… Nothing…”
Arin: *Tell me what’s wrong with you.*
Me: “I’ve been feeling down lately, I find myself actually missing being that girl…”
Arin: “I never would’ve guessed…”

We sat down for the next hour talking about it over the pancakes, as I told him all the things I loved about my time as a girl, he didn’t seem to understand that well but the girls were all nodding in agreement.

Arin: “Are you sure this is what you really want?”
Me: “Yes, more than anything.”
Arin: “Ok, if you’re sure then, *You are my girlfriend with all the changes we talked about, but you are still you*”

I felt that lightning hit me again which made me hop up and press my back against the counter as my body began to glow just as it had done before and before I knew it I was a girl again though a bit different, my boobs were definitely bigger and I felt so sensitive.

Me: “Why do I feel so tingly?”
Arin: “Oh that, I make all of my girlfriends several times more sensitive, it’s a bit more fun.”

Before I had time to respond my shirt started glowing and shrank down to become a black lacy apron complete with ribbons; My boxers shrank down to become a matching g-string which was very visible from underneath the apron; My socks crept all the way up my legs and became some sexy black stockings; Make-up appeared on my face and to top it all off a necklace appeared around my neck and some earrings on my ears.

My head then started tingling as my mind changed but it wasn’t as intense as the first time. When it was over I looked around and realised that I was still very much myself, but different. Arin directed one of the girls to come over and play with me, so she stood behind me and started playing with my boobs, my knees were shaking and I was moaning, the pleasure was so intense.

Arin: “So how do you like the girl-you?”
Me: “It’s *pant* amazzzinggg *moan*”
Arin: “You don’t know the half of it.”

Arin directed the girl to stop and then undid his robe, my jaw dropped as I saw it. I dropped down to my knees and shuffled over to him, I started stroking his dick and somehow even this felt amazing. I wrapped my lips around his cock and went to town, it was mind-blowing how this tasted.

Arin: “Heh, enjoying yourself?”
Me: “ummf yesh”
Arin: “Well once you’re done down there we’ll take you back to the bedroom and show you a really good time.”


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