Boss’s New Identity

“Do you understand everything I said?” asked the girl. Of course I did. I nodded in response with my back pressing against the wall. The girl laid back onto my couch with a smile, took out a Cuban cigar, and lighted it. After two exhales of thick white smokes, the girl broke the silence.

“I don’t like the way you’re looking at me, John.” What the girl said was probably true. I was still in disbelief. I could not believe the girl in front of me was the Boss himself. I was wondering how the Boss would pull himself out of this trouble, but never figured he would… change into a girl and change his identity. Of course, that was sort of fail-proof way of getting discovered from the enemy’s eyes… but…

All of sudden, the girl started to take his clothing off. Oh, I could recognize the tattoos from the miles away. All those colors and shapes… even if I were a miles away I could know who it was. “I figure you recognize these,” the girl added. I did.

The Boss, with his–or her–new body, laid across my black couch and jocularly seduced me. “You like these? Hmm?” The girl’s body was perfect. I wanted to caress that round buttocks of the girl. I wanted to squeeze those dangling tits of the girl. Who I knew to be the one and only boss. The Boss was taunting me… he knew I wouldn’t lay a finger on his new body, fully understanding my loyalty to him.

Except, my lust overwhelmed my loyalty. I took my clothe off, and nearly jumped to the Boss’s behind. I grabbed her sides, and threatened her. Said something awful, probably like I am going to fuck you… or of that sort. I don’t really remember. But the Boss was right. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t dare violate the Boss.

But then… the Boss was asking for it. Her new vagina was drooling with feminine lust. Her lips slipped, “Oh God… please…” She was begging for it. And I obliged her demand. My penis penetrated the Boss, and she let out a long satisfied moan. Her inner vagina was more honest than she appeared. Her vagina wrapped and grabbed around my penis tightly, as if it were screaming her love for manhood. From that moment, I knew she was mine.

“To build the believable story, I got to improve this new identity…” was the pretext the Boss made up to propose her marriage to me. But I knew that was just an excuse fuck me.


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