The book looked insignificant, the bookstore had placed it in the “Uncategorized” section. However, Lenny usually checked that section in the hopes of finding something of value. This time he had hit the jackpot. After have flipping through the pages he recognized it for what it was, a spell book
So he quickly bought it.

He already knew what spell he wanted to perform. Lenny was a physically weak man, somewhat uglyg, awkward in social situations and had no true friends. And he had found the perfect spell to become the opposite.

After have reciting a spell he felt the changes sweep over him like a tidal wave. It went so fast.
Now he was a brunette beauty with big boobs.
Just one more spell to give him the knowledge on how to behave as a woman and he, no she, was ready to meet the world.
No longer would Lena be the object of ridicule, she would instead be the object of every mans lust.


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