Bond Girl

I’d been trying to make it into the film industry as an actor for three years with no real luck. When my break did come, it wasn’t in any way I would have expected.

One of my buddies was making an independent spy film, and he needed a lead actress in the style of the James Bond series. None of our friends was available–most were busy with one film or another and couldn’t take the time out to help out with a second film. That’s when he came to me. He had a spell which would transform me into the role, he claimed—all he needed was my permission. At first, I balked—but he convinced me that it was worth a shot. He spent a couple days introducing me as “Tanya” before shooting began, but as a spy film there were several sex scenes, and even with the spell I couldn’t really get into doing a guy, even though it wasn’t for real.

So he added another spell. One which has turned me into an observer in Tanya’s body. And I’ll tell you one thing—that girl has a hell of a lot of stamina in bed.


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