Bodysuit transformation

Somebody had sent a bodysuit to Carl as an joke. He didn´t know who but he had his suspicions.
It was girly pink and the material felt slippery to the touch.
“What the hell, it seems to be in my size and everything”, he thought with nothing better to do that evening.
He donned the suit and zipped it all the way up.
Instantly he felt how it began to constrict around him. It contracted around him harder and harder for every second and he was sure that it soon would rip somewhere and let him out.
Instead if continued to compress him.
He tried to rip through it himself but to no avail.
The suit was reshaping him all over his body. He felt how he was changing. He became horrified when he realized he was becoming a woman.
The changes stopped and the suit fell off by itself.
The golden hair cascaded down his shoulders and his naked female body was revealed to the world for the first time.
Magnus just screamed in panic.


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