Ultimate App

“How about this one?”, Magnus mused from his current female body.
The Ultimate App was a work of wonder. An ordinary phone became a powerful body sculpting tool with the download of just one seemingly insignificant app.
His current form was the one of one of his sisters female friends, Charlotte Fredericks. Nice body, nice person, but too much of a prude to show it off. At the same time Magnus hormones was raging and he was dying to know what she looked like underneath her clothing.
Well, now he knew.
And this was just the beginning. Thanks to social media he had giant gallery of pictures to chose from when he wanted a new body. Helen Sanders, the popular girl was a given choice. She had a banging body to say the least. He just needed a couple of good photos of her so the app could compile a profile. Wasn´t very hard, as the popular beautiful girl she was quite the narcisstic type.


“Goodbye mediocre but busty girl. Hello bombshell”, he exclaimed to himself and pressed the button.
A short disorientation and a look down later he was seeing an all new clevage on his body.
“YES!”, he yelled and began to poke his new breasts.


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