Bikini Beach Mermaid Part 2

Denise took the cream and rubbed it over her skin. Suddenly, her legs began to hurt. “Something is wrong with the cream” she thought aloud. Then, she fell onto the ground.
With shock, she watched, that her legs merged into a tail. Fish scales are grew on her skin and her feet turned into a large fin.
“Oh my god, I`ve turned into a mermaid” Denise cried.

“Yes, I`ve told you, that you will swim like a fish. Don`t worry. If you leave Bikini Beach after your vacation, you will change back. said the woman from the shop.

Confused, the new mermaid lay in the sand. Her new body felt so good, but she hadn`t imagined her holidays like this.
“That would be 4 strange weeks ” she thought aloud.
And there was another thing, she thought about. She wanted to know, how mermaids goes to the toilet………..


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