Bikini Beach Mermaid Part 1

Dominik heard a lot about the Bikini Beach. Now, he finally had the occasion to spend his vacation there. Everyone was very friendly to him at his arrival. He was very exited, when the entered the shower. It felt wonderful, when his transformation began.
Long black hair fell done from his shoulders. Two large breasts grew on his chest and his penis transformed into a vagina. With a smile, he took a orange top on and went to the beach.

He enjoyed to stuck in this hot female body. He enjoyed the sun on the beach. For the next 4 weeks he wasn`t Dominik. He was Denise, now.
But there was one thing. He couldn`t swim.

Suddenly, he saw a strange shop at the beach. “You need help with swimming, right?” the woman in the shop asked him.
“Ahhh, yes. You are right. How do you know that?” Denise asked confused.

“That doesn`t matter. Take this cream and you will swim like a fish…” the woman said.


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