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I’m Finally Free The End???

He proposed!!!! And I said YES!!!! I’m so happy!!!! We are to go celebrate in an hour and I’m dressed to the nines!!! As I was getting dressed , I noticed the small seam to the suit in my hairline has disappeared … I wonder….The instructions had said to be careful having sex because the suit would permanently bond if you got…OMG !!!! I must be pregnant!!!!

I’m Finally Free Part Three…

It’s been a whole year since I donned the suit. I’m going with a special friend to celebrate my “birthday”. He’s to meet me here shortly. In the past year, I’ve changed my identity to match my new gender and I’m the happiest I’ve been my whole life. The money I’ve spent has been well worth it. I changed my first name to Danni as a homage to Denise…I think I see him coming….He makes me giddy inside when I see him…Do you think maybe….

I’m Finally Free!!!

I’ve always loved the way Denise Milani looks….Her perfect body, her perfect face, beautiful hair….I’ve always dreamed that I could be like her… at least look like her. I finally found out that a 3D copier has been developed that can take an human image and make an exact copy of it in a bodysuit right down to the ability to “feel” everything just like a real person. I just had to have it. I contacted the company and had the suit made to my exact specifications. The suit arrived about a month later and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I went into the bedroom and laid it out as per instructions. I then disrobed and prepared my body as the , I was instructions said. After an hour of getting ready, I was ready! I slipped first one , then the other foot into each leg and began to pull the suit up. I was making sure that I was keeping the suit in contact with my skin so it would start to bond . Once I got it up toward my waist , I could tell the difference. My feet didn’t look the same and my legs definitely didn’t . My god, they looked fantastic! I now started slowly pulling it up over my butt and my crotch area ,getting excited along the way. I took my penis and tucked it into the sheath that was on the suit. I looked down and all I could see was a smooth patch where my penis was and I now had a pussy!!! I pulled the suit up over my ass and I could feel her toned buttocks . As I continued to bring the suit up toward my chest, I had to exhale so I could get the suit over my rib area. Next was the part I’ve been waiting for…The chest and head area. I took each arm , one at a time and slid my into each one. To see small dainty manicured fingers just makes me so happy! I then got the suit positioned so I could pull the front up and on me in one movement. As I did, I could feel the weight of the breasts on me and I pulled the head piece over mine. Once I moved it around so I could see , I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. Me!!! Or me as a carbon copy of Denise!!!! I have never been so happy in all my life! I can feel everything! The hair cascading down onto my shoulder, the emptiness between my legs….I smiled and that face smiled back at me!!! Thank goodness I had bought some clothes and undergarments earlier. Here I am getting out for the first time as the new me!!!! I feel fantastic!!!!


“Komm Dominik, jetzt mach es schon. Wir wollen sehen, wie deine Nippel hart werden von dem kalten Wasser” sagten seine Kumpels Andre und Sören. Read more

Bikini Beach Mermaid Part 2

Denise took the cream and rubbed it over her skin. Suddenly, her legs began to hurt. “Something is wrong with the cream” she thought aloud. Then, she fell onto the ground.With shock, she watched, that her legs merged into a tail. Fish scales are grew on her skin and her feet turned into a large fin.“Oh my god, I`ve turned into a mermaid” Denise cried. “Yes, I`ve told you, that you will swim like a fish. Don`t worry. If you leave Bikini Beach after your vacation, you will change back. said the woman from the shop.

Confused, the new mermaid lay in the sand. Her new body felt so good, but she hadn`t imagined her holidays like this.
“That would be 4 strange weeks ” she thought aloud.
And there was another thing, she thought about. She wanted to know, how mermaids goes to the toilet………..

Bikini Beach Mermaid Part 1

Dominik heard a lot about the Bikini Beach. Now, he finally had the occasion to spend his vacation there. Everyone was very friendly to him at his arrival. He was very exited, when the entered the shower. It felt wonderful, when his transformation began.
Long black hair fell done from his shoulders. Two large breasts grew on his chest and his penis transformed into a vagina. With a smile, he took a orange top on and went to the beach. Read more

Werewoman Partyluder

Dominik und Andre (beide 16) waren schon länger Opfer des Werewoman-Fluch. Immer bei Vollmond wurden die beiden zu Denise und Chantalle, zwei 30 jährigen Partyludern. Sie hatten immer viel Spaß in diesen Nächten und auch ihre Persönlichkeiten veränderten sich immer mehr. Sie hatten immer stärker das Bedürfnis, für immer Denise und Chantalle zu sein. Es gab sogar einen Weg. Sex mit einer Jungfrau. Diese Nacht sollte es soweit sein. Sie saßen im Taxi und waren auf dem Weg zu Torsten und Daniel. Zwei Klassenkameraden von ihnen, die bestimmt noch nie eine Frau nackt gesehen hatten……