Best Convention Ever

“Oh fuck! You’re inside me!” Dan groaned as his friend Ryan entered him for the first time.

“Damn you are tight!” Ryan groaned and pulled back slowly.

“Ooooohhhnnn godddd that feels good.” Dan moaned as he felt his tits sway beneath him.

“God damn man, I’m so glad you volunteered to be a guinea pig when BodyTech asked for a volunteer from the audience! Who new their tech had gotten good enough for a full body conversion!?” Ryan asked and slowly pushed back inside.

“GOD FUCK! You feel so huge inside me!”

“Does it hurt at all?” Ryan said and paused.

“God no! Christ! I’m so glad their demo station at CES caught fire when they tried to change me back! This is the most incredible experience of my life!” Dan screamed. “Now pound me! Fuck me so hard I can’t walk!”

“You’re the boss!” Ryan said and put his hands on Dan’s hips.

They both worked at ShapeTech, a competitor of BodyTech. While they were still struggling with ways to do quick, painless nose jobs, BodyTech was always ahead of them in their research. As this years CES when BodyTech had asked for a volunteer from the audience, Dan was pleased when they picked him. It was a chance to get up close and personal with BodyTech’s latest thing.

It wasn’t quite ready for market however, as the fire attested. While Dan was getting pounded from behind by his friend and coworker Ryan, the people at BodyTech were doing some background work to find out just what went wrong. During this discovery process they would also find out just who Dan worked for. In the name of keeping their corporate secrets they would refuse to turn Dan back to normal. He was going to have to wait for BodyTech’s GendrFlippr to come to market in 3 to 5 years before he could turn back.


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