Being Powerless

Stan had a thing for bondage, sue him. It took some doing, but he managed to get his girlfriend Cassie to let him tie her up and fuck her… Then he’d left her tied up until the next morning and fucked her again. Then he’d gone out and gone grocery shopping. When he came back he fucked her again. Then, finally feeling like he was really the powerful one he untied her. She seemed peeved at having been stuck tied up for over twelve hours, but Stan was so thankful she didn’t seem to get too mad.

The next weekend Cassie asked him if she could tie HIM up. He was reluctant, but figured turn about was fair play. She suggested he have a few drinks to help him relax, and he agreed. Then she taped his mouth shut with pink duct tape and pushed him back onto the bed.

She was a lot better with rope than Stan had been, he really couldn’t move at all! She started to suck his dick and he realized this wasn’t all bad.

The ropes felt a little loose, but when Stan pulled on them they got tighter again. Cassie really was a lot better with those knots… And had she been practicing or something? It felt like she was taking his whole cock into her mouth. He looked down and let out a muffled scream.

All of Stan’s now miniaturized cock was indeed in Cassie’s mouth. The thing which really made him scream was cleft in HIS cleavage through which he saw Cassie. She pulled off his tiny two inch long cock and grinned at him.

“I figure if I wanted to make you feel really powerless I’d need to do more than just tie you up. In a few more minutes that potion I bought will finish and you’ll be all woman. Then I’ll go get the strap on I bought and see how YOU like being tied up and fucked. Who knows, maybe I’ll call over some of your friends as well. I bet they’d love to fuck a powerless girl like you!”

Stan was glad Cassie couldn’t see him grinning under the tape. The idea of being the powerless one was turning him on even more than tying her up had!


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