Being May

I have always known that my sister May is considered a “hot” 18 year old girl. But as we were twins, I never looked at her through the eyes of my classmates and other students. When she finally went on an excursion with her class, I was able to sneak up into her bedroom and look at the numbers, being a maths fan myself, you know bra size etc.

I opened the closet and I found her panties at the bottom shelf. I raised them in front of me and I stretched them with my fingers. They were really big and it kinda reminded me of this girl from my class. As I was thinking about her, I never noticed that my fingernails started to shine and got a little longer. When I finally saw my hands, I was startled and I dropped her panties on the gournd and quickly got a look at my fingers.

They were fine. I guess I was just imagining. I kinda started to get curious so I took off my underwear and put her on. Goddamn, she really has a huge ass! And at that moment, my mother got home from work, calling me immediately from the doors to help her get the groceries from the car. I didn’t have time to change so I put my pants on and ran down to help her. After that I got upstairs to my room and I quickly got to the mirror so I could change to my underwear, but I noticed that my fingers looked slimmer and, you know, more femminine.

At first I thought it was just the mirror, but when I saw that there was no dark hair on my hand and that my fingernails were significantly larger, I crossed that option. I wanted to take off her panties so badly, because they were the cause of this, but at the same time I wanted to see what was going to happen.

I took off my pants because I felt that there was something moving in my legs. I looked at my legs and I saw my fat cells re-arranging themselves and multiplying. All my leg hair lost their dark color, and changed into a transparent one. Most of the cells were moving upwards, towards my ass. It was, although very slowly, beginning to look bigger and bigger and her panties started to fill up in the back. I didn’t feel the lack of space between my ass and the panties; they were an almost perfect fit. Then I felt a piercing pain in my hips, as if someone was tearing me apart, but no. The hipbones were starting to get wider and wider until I had a clearly visible thigh gap. While it was all happening , the fat and muscle from my arms got down to my chest and started rearranging the whole structure of my chest. At first I was just waiting it to stop, but when I saw how large “my” tits were going to be, I became a little horny seeing them grow in the mirror reflection. When they finally stopped growing, another pain struck me in my pants. My cock was getting hard at first, then it got sucked right inside me and transformed itself into a, yes you guessed it, pussy. I didn’t open my eyes until that part was over, and when I did, I couldn’t help but to stare at the cameltoe I was showing.

After that, my face started to get all tingly, and as I opened my mouth to moan because of the pain, I realised that i had gotten a new pair of teeth. My cheeks morphed themselves a little bit upper than before, and some of the fat went into my lips, now luscious and plump. My hair started growing longer and my eyes turned blue. While my eyebrows got thinner and my eyelashes got longer and darker, my neck got slimmer and finally I recognised the person in the mirror.

“I’m Ma–” I said to the reflection and soon discovered that my voice had changed too. “Bye, mom, see you after school.” I said to myself mimicking her usual pose and tone of voice. I got to the closet and I took her bikini, which I had personally never seen her wear. I laid down on the bed and took a smiling selfie.
“You can’t even tell it’s me inside.” then I got up and started talking some things she would say.
“Hey, Nick, wanna hang out after school?” then I bursted into a laugh because of how convincible I was.
“Hey, James, can I suck your cock?” After that line I said, I noticed how nice that word sounds from her mouth.
Cock. Cock. Cock, cock, cock. It’s fun to repeat. Then I started to say a few other words. Cum, BJ, anal, titjob. After I while I started saying them with a soft of horny voice, and a one that would give you a huge hard-on.

I decided to send my friends a text message with a selfie I took on the bed.
“I got something to show you…” it said, and from both of my friends, Tony and Zack, there came a “seen” note, and they were on their way to my house.


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