Hot Spring Baths

Randy and his friends were adventurers. They loved backpacking through the wilderness to areas that hadn’t seen the face of man in centuries. During one of their trips they came across the ruins of an ancient building, covered in vines, nearly indistinguishable from it’s natural surroundings.

“There’s something you don’t see everyday,” Dave said gazing at it. The three friends went inside to find deteriorated, faintly lit hallways, but after wandering for a bit they saw some light at down at the end of a tunnel. As they got closer, they found a magnificent, intact hot spring bath. Natural light filtered through holes in the ceiling, giving the water a pristine, light blue glow, reminiscent of tropical waters. Dave approached the water and stuck his hand in it.

“It’s warm, hot actually. I don’t know about you guys but I could use a little R&R right about now and I think a dip the hot spring should do the trick nicely.” He got up facing the pool, not noticing how his hand had changed slightly, not noticing his grinning friends behind him. Right as he was turning around, Dave and Jeff shoved him in the pool. He landed with a splash and they broke out in laughter. “Ha ha. Very funny guys. My phone was in my pocket you…”

Randy stopped mid sentence and stared off distantly past his friends. “You all right?” Jeff asked. “Your face is kinda pale. Maybe you should get out of there.”

“I…I…I…feel,” Randy stuttered. “OOHHHH, gosh, AWWHHH!” He began moaning and screaming. His friends watched, graven looks on their faces as their friend, Randy, changed before their eyes. “Ohhhh, please, help me!” Randy cried, his voice losing a bit of it’s masculinity. He looked down and saw that his hands and arms had slimmed considerably, he began touching his fingers together but stopped suddenly as he felt something wet slide down the back of his neck. Reaching up slowly, he gingerly pulled at the it to find long, black hair slowly growing down his back. “No…no…n..” he stammered then stopped, mouth agape. Waves of pleasure began working their way through his body, emanating from his crotch and chest. His body started gyrating slowly to an unseen rhythm.

“Hhmmmm, yes.” His hand gently rubbing his areola. He could feel himself getting aroused. His cock grew until it was rock hard, solid. Moaning as he touched his chest, breasts quickly expanding out, “…more…more.” Randy pleaded as he began fondling himself. They felt fantastic, better than anything he’d experienced as a man. Orgasm building, he caressed his breasts, moving faster and faster, not knowing that the rest of his body was changing to that of a beautiful brunette. “Mmmhh, oohhh, yes, yes.” He rocked his pelvis back and forth as thoughts of a cock, besides his own, flooded his thoughts. Randy continued, intense feelings of warmth and pleasure spread throughout and he could feel it coming. He moved faster and faster, wide hips moving with his tight abs. The pleasure built and built and built. He grabbed his large, sensitive breasts. He squeezed. The world stopped. He bent over. Then let out the most feminine scream he had ever heard. Involuntarily, his hips began rapidly thrusting over and over again, Randy was unable to make a sound as the most intense, orgasmic feeling rocked every part of his body. It couldn’t end. It can’t end. He grabbed his penis and masturbated while rubbing his breasts. It can’t end. It has to keep going. Cum shot every where. Randy screamed as another orgasm swept through his body.”Oohhhh…ohh..oh.” He let his arms fall. His cock shrank before shriveling completely before being absorbed back into her pelvis. A fresh vagina now sat in between his legs. She lowered an hand into the folds of her new organ and bit her lip as small waves of pleasure came as she rubbed it.

She had completely forgotten about her friends. They stood on the side of the pool, eyes wide, mouths open, staring at the beauty that used to be their friend Randy. She looked at them as naughty thoughts started creeping into the edges of her mind. She grabbed her shirt, staring at Dave, raised it up to her breasts. Just to tease him. Then gently rocked her hips forward, mouth slightly open.

“Well, this is a strange turn of events.” She walked to edge of the pool.

“I mean it’s not everyday you transform into a woman.” She got out of the pool.

“And I just need to say.” She walked up to Dave, nearly face to face.

“That this woman has needs.”


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