“One thing is to turn me into a woman, but if you think I am going to have sex with you, you are crazy! stop begging to have sex with me” I told my friend James. “Now, turn me back!”. He just smiled, “you look so sexy when you are angry.” That just made me even more mad. I wanted to punch his face. “Don’t worry in a few minutes you will be the one begging” he told me.

I swear I was closing my fist, ready to actually punch him, but he had to suggest something to me: “Maybe you should do some inspection, get yourself acquainted with your new form”, “are you crazy?, I ain’t going to masturbate as a girl, that would be weird”, I hadn’t realized it yet, but my hand was already rubbing my right breast. I felt my nipple got erect, “what was that? it felt good”, I pushed my blouse down, revealing my breasts. Just by looking at it, I got somewhat horny. I dropped myself on the couch, and after pulling my pants down, I started fingering myself. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, but it just felt so good. I wanted more. I looked at James, he was smiling, like he was waiting for something. I closed my eyes, trying to forget he was there. I could feel the wetness of my pussy on my hand.

My mind got broken, I realized what I needed. I openned my eyes, and started begging James to have sex with me. “I need you! I want you inside me” I told him. “Beg” he said. “I will do something much better” I said, as I unzipped his pants and got ready to give him a blowjob.


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