I’ve always been into tg captions and personally curious as to what it would be like to be a woman. The idea that my life and personality would be totally different were it not for some random chance in the womb always fascinated me, and I definitely found the idea of experiencing the other side of the gender fence, at the very least, sexually exciting. But I never thought I’d have the opportunity to truly experience it. That website had promised, like in so many captions I’d written and read, to change my body. Curious, I gave it a shot, and turned myself into a copy of a girl I’d found online. And like all those captions go, my computer almost immediately crashed and when I got it started again, that website was gone.

I’m not sure if it was lucky or not, but reality also changed so that to all of my friends and family, I’d always been a girl. I must admit, now that I’m here it’s really not too different from being a guy. Sure, I’ve got these tits which are kind of nice, and its interesting having a vagina, but I can’t say its any better than having a dick, just kind of different. Honestly, unless I’m playing with it, which is not nearly as fun as porn and tg captions make it out to be, or I’m going to the bathroom, I wouldn’t even notice the difference.

So now I wear panties and a bra every day, respond to “miss” and sit down to pee. Big whoop. Would I go back if I could? Probably. I can’t get used to my high voice, and I know I’ll get my period soon, which I’m not excited for. You’d think I’d be more excited, or even more upset, but my feelings about the whole thing just aren’t that drastic. One thing that makes me a bit nervous is that, though I’m not sure, I think my sexual orientation might be slowly changing. I mean, I’ve always been a little bi-curious, so maybe I’m just feeling a placebo effect, but when I look at some of my old buddies I just feel a little more nervous than I ever did as a guy, especially when they look at my tits.

So now that I’ve found out first hand what its like to change genders, I’ve kind of lost inspiration for captions, which was once one of my favorite hobbies. I still want to caption, but I need some ideas. I’m taking requests now for premises and concepts, so shoot some toward me. If you read my captions you’ll know I specialize in unwanted swaps, punishments, reluctant/unwilling participants, mother/son swaps and culture/race changes. Hopefully with my new insights into womanhood will add some authenticity to my caps, so have at it!


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