Backwater p1

I was on a cross country road trip driving through the deep south when my car broke down. I was in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone reception, but I remembered passing a little bait shop a few miles back. I decided to walk, even though the sun was going down and I knew I wouldn’t get there until after dark, but it was better than waiting out the night. After a few hours of walking I finally reached the shop, but it appeared to be closed. I knocked on the door and a young guy around my age opened the door.

“Thank god. My car broke down a few miles away and I can’t reception. Could I use the phone?”
“Well ah can teyell you aint from ’round here. Come on in.” He said with a thick southern draw. He led me into the back of the tiny conveniance store and pointed to a phone in the corner. I picked it up but found there was no dial tone. That’s when I felt a needle pierce the flesh on my arm, and I passed out seconds later.

When I woke up sun was shining through a window. I found myself in a tiny room chained by my ankle to the bedpost. I had no idea where I was or what was going on, but that wasn’t the strangest part. I soon realized that my body was no longer a mans, but a womans. I had slender limbs, long red hair and breasts. As I panicked and hyperventilated with my high breathy voice before shouting

“Hayelp! Sumbudy hayelp mey!” I heard my new voice for the first time, but something else was wrong. “Whut, whut didjyew dew to mah vooice?! Mah body?? HAYELP!” I shrieked.

I soon learned that the man at the baitshop had drugged me and changed me. I don’t know how, but my breasts were completely real and there wasn’t a scar on me. He told me it was magic, but I still couldn’t believe him.
“Please change me bayack!”
“Sorry darlin’, no can do. ‘Least not yet. Ahm fixin’ to make you mah girl.”
“How’dya do this ta me? Wham I talkin’ lahk this? Ahm ‘spossed ta be a city boy!” I heard myself say, my body totally unable to speak normally.
“You ain’t no boy no more, not since I used this here monkey’s paw!” He said, holding up a monkeys paw with two fingers curled. “Ah made you perty as can be and I made you from mah home town, that’s how come yer aspeakin’ like that.”
“You crazy or sumthin’?? Ah don’t know whut you did ta mey but you din’t use no magic!”
“Don’t believe me, see for yerself! I wish yah couldn’t tell no one, not even me or you, who you really were. ‘stead, you’re mah sweety Darlene.” He said as one more finger on the monkeys paw curled down.
“You crazy fuck! I ain’t no boy, I’m all woman!” I screamed at him, trying to pull my thin ankle through the ankle cuff. “Wait, wut the hell I just say!? No, please no! My name’s Darlene! No!”
“Ha, that’s mighty fun. And I wish you’d suck me off, right here.” He said with a smile as another finger curled down. Suddenly I felt my body moving on its own accord. On the inside I was panicked as the man approached me and unbuckled his belt. My hands unbuttoned his pants expertly. I could feel myself smile, even though on the inside I was screaming. I tried to channel all of my willpower into moving away, but instead I just freed the man’s hard cock from his pants and put it all in my mouth.

For minutes I slobbered and sucked the man’s cock without a hint of physical resistance. Suddenly I heard him say, “I wish you could choose to stop.” Suddenly I felt control of my body again, and I pulled my mouth off of his cock. I looked up at him, spit running down my chin, terrified.

“Now,” He said, holding up the monkey paw. “Look ta me lahk theres only one wish left on this old thing. Maybe if you did everything I say an didn’t give no argument, I could use this layest wish to make you lahk you used to be. It’d be ashame if I had to use it on makin’ ya do something you already been told to do.”

I realized he was in total control now as I stared up at him, his wet cock still in the foreground of my vision.
“Now dontcha think you oughta finish the job there, Darlene?” He asked. I was resigned. This really was magic. If I was a girl now, essentially a sex slave, and if I ever wanted to get out I had to do everything this creep told me to. After a moment to process everything, I looked at his dick and put it in my mouth willingly, every muscle in my control this time.

That was a week ago. Since then we’ve fucked countless times, I’ve made him dinner every night, and I can’t even leave the house unless he tells me to. My life is torture, and he’s constantly teasing me about my predicament. Today he brought me out fishing with him, which meant him fishing and getting drunk and I sat quiet in the boat, only speaking if spoken to.

“This is tha lahf, ain’t that raht Darlene?”
“Thass raht, Baby.” I responded like the good girl I had to be.
“Hey you see those gahs over ther?” He said, pointing to a group of men by the shore doing some fishing themselves. “Ah know those gahs, and they don’t believe ah got such a perty girlfriend.”
“Well here ah ayem. Yer perty girlfriend.” I said staring daggers at him. I wanted to tell him to fuck off but I knew what would happen if I didn’t comply.
“Maybe we can give them a little show? How ’bout we, whatdoyoucallit… rock tha boat?” He said with a shit eating grin. I looked at him with desperation in my eyes. I didn’t want to further degrade myself by getting fucked in a boat by a bunch of strangers, but he wouldn’t budge. I felt defeated and like I wanted to cry, but I held it in as I took off my panties.


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