Back (Rhea 6)

“Hello Amy, I missed you” Rhea told me. But I was so excited, “Rhea, I was you! for a whole year! I got to experience life as a genie!, I felt so strong, so powerfull, so… in love”. Rhea looked at me with disappointment, “I was hopping that if I showed you the future, you would want to change it!” she said. “Are you kidding me? For all I care, Amy doesn’t exist” I said. “Amy please. Don’t say that.” she told me. Not too long ago, I used to be a man, but when Rhea transformed into Amy, unknownly put me on a path to become her. I now did want anything but to be her.

“Rhea, I know what I want for my next wish” I told her, “Master, Amy, please don’t” she said. “I wish to be you” I said, to which she replied “wish granted”. In no time, she transformed into a cloud of pink some, and covered me whole. I felt how I transfomer into her. When the smoke dissipated, I could see Amy standing in the middle of the room. And I, became whole again from the smoke. The real Rhea was in Amy’s body, clueless of what had happened. “Rhea! it didn’t work!” Amy said. I couldn’t answer her, I went straight into my lamp. And I had to wait until the next day to answer her questions.

While inside my lamp, I changed my hair colour, I changed my body to one of a hotter woman. I sat on my chair, waiting until the next day, until Amy sets me free. And hopefully, soon, one day, I will get to meet John again.


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