Astral Trick

Brandy had always wanted to learn astral projection by any means possible. She searched the internet till she came across an astral projection “master”. He would communicate via Skype and help her through her meditations. The first thing he told her to do was to remove all her clothes. His reasoning was to detach herself from her body by freeing herself. She did so, but kept a towel over herself so that she could meditate without peering eyes looking at her. After several months of this, she was able to lift her astral form and go throughout the town. After several hours, she tried to return to her body. However, even before she got there, her body started shaking off the towel and moving on its own. Turns out that the “master” was an old man looking for a new body, one that he happily has thanks to Brandy. Brandy, having no other option, was forced to watch as her body started pleasuring itself in public.


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