Wasn’t in the agreement.

It had taken awhile but I finally had convinced Courtney to try things from the other side. She was hesitant at first but I reassured her that she was lucky to have the opportunity to try things out as a man. After she agreed we both had both drank the potion and the changes had settled onto both of us. I was excited to be in possession of Courtney’s smaller frame. Courtney was seeming to have a harder time adjusting to her new role as Eric. She placed her now male hand on my old cock and slowly began to stroke. “Wow this is really weird, it took me no time to get horny” She said awkwardly. She looked silly as she couldn’t seem to find the right rhythm. “That’s not even close to how you masturbate as a man sweetie” I said laughing. I walked ever and placed my hands on my old body and spun the new Eric around. I reached my hand around his body and wrapped my delicate hand around my old dick. “Here let me show you how it’s done, I have done it enough times” I stroked and Courtney began to moan. I hated to tell her right at this moment but I figured what the hell. “Look Eric, I’m going to call you Eric now. When I used to have this dick I constantly masturbated to you, but not in the way your thinking” I stated. Courtney continued to moan as I stroked her “What do you mean Eric?” she asked. “Well the thing is I didn’t jerk off to you in that way. I jerked off at the idea of being you and now here I am literally with my dick in your hands. I hope you enjoy the feeling of having this between your legs because this is completely permanent. You will never be Courtney ever again. Courtney is my name now. I’m taking over your life and you literally just helped me do it.”


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