Body Lottery

Zeke won the Body Lottery, and didn’t put in his preference for male or female. The lab had a fully grown ultra busty female body available, so used that as the prize. Zeke was shocked at first, but on his red home in the limo, he hefted his new boobs and smiled, he felt wonderful.

He asked the camera man to turn off the camera for awhile, as he got out at his house, and went back into the limo in the front seat.

“Pull that wonderful cock out, driver, you can drive it into me anytime stud. Now let’s get going,” she said.

The driver was reluctant, but couldn’t resist the site before him, and she unzipped him and pulled it out for him. She immediately started sucking. Little did she know the camera was still on!

Headline, “Body Lottery winner Zeke Bancroft, now Zana Bangcroft, is so happy she does sex act with limo driver!”

The sex tape went viral all over the net, and Zana would actually be able to start a career in porn after this, something she seems she wouldn’t have a hard time doing with her new sex drive, and she would bring in lots of cash. A win-win for Zana.


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