Andi’s Exciting Morning Part 2

It had been about a month since I had used my sister’s tits to give me my N-cup monsters, and somehow, they were still all I could think about. I woke up every morning and gave them a big squeeze (which was more like a hug with their size). I’d walk around topless most of the time, just to feel them sway. More than that though, I had become obsessed with making them larger. I had started purposefully gaining weight, just to make them a little big larger. It had worked a little, but not enough. All my new weight had gone mostly to other parts of my body. No, if I was going to make my girls any bigger, I would have to use a spell again.
All three of my sisters were now flat as boards. Molly still had the spell book, but she didn’t seem to have used it yet. There was still one more endowed member of my family however:
My mother. While my sisters may have had more to give me, Mom’s DD-cup breasts would give me enough to satiate my lust for a little while. But how to go about it? I’m sure Molly wouldn’t go for reading a spell to give me the boobs of our own mother, so I’d have to so it myself.
Zipping my tits uncomfortably into my sweatshirt I got in my car and headed off to Molly’s house. We were rather close, so I had a house key. When I got there I let myself in, having noticed both cars were gone, and nobody would be home.
I ran up the stairs, my breasts threatening to burst the zipper and free themselves. Finally I reached Molly’s room and got out the book. I flipped through the pages and found a spell that would work. I read the words, feeling the magic through my body, and shut the book, replacing it carefully where I had found it. I didn’t want my sister to suspect anything.
I got home and went into the kitchen to wait for my Mom. I unzipped my sweatshirt and let out a sigh as the pressure was released, one tit flopping out onto my stomach, the other slapping onto the counter.
It wasn’t long before she came into the room, having heard me come home.
“What’s going on sweetie? Where did you-” she started asking before catching a glimpse of my exposed breasts.
“Oh what does it matter?” I said coyly. “I’m home now!” And I ran up to give her a big hug, making sure my breasts touched the exposed part of hers.
“Andi!” she said. She was about a head shorter than me, so this hug was almost total boobage from her point of view. “Could you-oh!” It had begun. Her tits were shrinking rapidly, adding to mine through that simple contact. She tried to push herself away, but I only hugged more tightly, pulling the neckline on her shirt down slightly so I wouldn’t miss a single cup.
When it had finished I let her go. She stumbled backwards at the sudden release, and looked down, pulling the neckline of her shirt out. “What did you do?!” she shouted at me, still staring at her chest, which was now as flat as her other three daughters’.
“I just made some…enhancements,” I said, feeling the pleasant weight of my new S-cup tits, if that size even existed. If I wanted to, I could just tuck the ends into my pants they were so massive and hung so heavily.
“I’m sorry Mom,” I said. “But your breasts were just so great, I had to have them myself!” She just stared at me. A little over a month ago I had been the one who had almost no boobs, but now all three of my sisters and even my mother, had no tits at all.
I smirked at her dumbfounded expression. She was still so shocked at what had just transpired. “You might want to go talk with your daughters. They should be able to tell you how to adjust.” And with that final comment I walked back to my room, my tits moving extremely heavily across the whole front of my torso. And I loved every moment of it…


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