Ample Source

Welcome to Xpan-Scion’s new product testline.

Here we have Mr. Hansen trying out our latest addition to the Xpan-Scion line, Ample Source.

Our first step in alimentation and drinks, Ample Source is like a drinkable fountain of youth!
Feel the refreshing taste of pure water, with the delightful effects of our products.

Currently, Mr. Hansen wished for a customized experience. Along with our very own feminizing vitamin, he asked us to add a sample of one of our best-sellers, the Asian Flower pill.

Being now wearing the clothes we carefully selected for him, Billy Hansen enjoys another bottle of Ample Source as his, or should I say her, body continues to grow.

We hope you will enjoy Ample Source once it hits retail shelves around the third quarter of 2016.


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