Deal with a warlock

When i made a deal with that warlock, i was about to make a dream come true. I will finally become the women i always wanted to be. And when i was transformed into that hot brunette, i was really pleased by the result. I admired myself in the mirror, playing with my magnificent tits and bring curious finger to my new pussy. But you have to be careful when you deal with a warlock and i have learn that the hard way. After i was changed into a girl, he come to me and began make out. My body was more sensitive than ever and let him do what he wanted. He took me from behind and i was lost in ecstasy. I wasn’t aware of the new changes taken place at my lower half. The he wisper to my hear:
– Sorry honey,but i have to test a new spell. I hope you have enjoy your moment as a women because, when i’m coming, you will become my dick.
I was about to say something when a flood of cum come out from my mouth. With a quick stare, i could see my lower half was merge in his body. My torso began to reform, becoming more simple. My tits vanished into the cylindrical form i was becoming. My hair fall to the ground, my eyes closed forever and my mouth loose its teeth to take a simple slit form to finally becoming the top of a cock. At this state i was blind but I felt more than ever all it surrounded me. I shriek to take a normal size of a cock. I wasn’t able to see it but i felt his satisfaction enough to imagine him have an evil grin when he took on his underware, sealing me in my new home.
I wanted feminity and i ended as the manhood of a man. Definitly, be carefull when you trade with a warlock.


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