All Mine

Michael had a crush on Amber for a long time, and always watched her body move when she walked through the halls. He fantasized daily about what it would be like to have sex with her, to watch her tits bounce as he thrusts in an out of her, and to hear her moaning.

When he heard that his school was selecting one overachieving student to receive one free wish Michael immediately knew what he would wish for if he won.

A month later, when the school was picking the winner’s name, he heard his name. Barely containing his excitement he walked to the principals office, and told him his wish “I want Amber to be all mine.”

The principal misinterpreted what he wanted, and Michael found himself in Amber’s body.

A week later, Amber doesn’t need to fantasize about having sex, because she has already fucked her boyfriend 5 times. She couldn’t be more happy with the incident, and during a talk with the principal, she fondled her breasts, and told the principal “You really did give me all I want, now she’s all mine.”


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