All I wanted was a bit of alone time.

Philip was really pissed off.

His first long weekend off work in months and his girlfriend had to go and ruin it.

It all started the night before when she complained that he did not spend enough time with her as she complained if he was not at the office he was playing golf with his friends.

He stupidly try to argue with her saying that he worked hard to give them both a comfortable lifestyle so he was entitled to a bit of time to himself which did not go down well and he ended up sleeping on the couch.

He was extremely confused when he awoke lying in his bed and was shocked to find that he had long blonde hair two tits and a vagina as he staggered over to the mirror to find that he was now in his girlfriend’s body.

He was even more shocked when his body entered the room and said oh you’re up now dear I’ve laid some clothes out for you so once you’ve had a shower put them on and meet me downstairs like there was nothing wrong.

He tried to argue with his girlfriend in his body but it was little use as he was pushed into the bathroom and told to get ready.

He enjoyed the shower a little bit too much & could not believe how sensitive a woman’s body was.

After drying his new sensitive body he tried to get dressed finding it hard to put on his bra and fasten his dress from behind but after a little struggling he managed it.

He did not bother to do anything with his hair or face and went downstairs where he found his body sat at the dining room table and demanded to know what was going on in his new high pitch feminine voice.

He was surprised to find that it was his girlfriend that had used a spell given to her by a gypsy at a local Carnival to swap their bodies.

As she wanted to show him how to treat a lady by taking him on a romantic picnic after she sorted out his hair and make-up as she was not going to let her body out in public in that state.

He was still slightly annoyed at his girlfriend as she applied the makeup to his face and straightened out his frizzy hair before getting into the car and heading off into the countryside.

He was starting to enjoy it feeling the wind blowing through his long hair & he was even looking forward to having a picnic there was just something about his new body that made him feel happy or maybe he was just still feeling the aftermath after his shower.

But that all changed when the car started to overheat before stopping completely and even though his girlfriend was in his male body she still made him push the car which was extremely exhausting with his new feminine body and ridiculous shoes he was wearing as for some reason he thought to himself she’s not getting any tonight as his female body started rewriting his brain.


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