All Dressed Up And Somewhere To Go

It had all started with that weird figurine my mom had bought all those years ago. I’d never liked that figurine, but my family all though it looked neat so it was kept. Then I started to get these really weird feeling in my chest and privates. Almost like a burning feeling, you know? I thought maybe I just had an infection or something, but then once I’d moved out of my house and set up in my own apartment building I noticed something else even weirder.

I started having big chunks of missing time. I’d be watching TV and zone out and then wake up couple hours later somewhere else entirely. I wasn’t asleep or anything; I just zoned out. I’d also been hearing stories about this girl who was cruising my favorite bar and living in my apartment building. I was confused because I didn’t know anybody who looked like her.

I decided to do something which was technically illegal and set up a camera to look for the girl. Then I zoned out suddenly. I woke up the next morning and froze in shock. The girl was a knockout;and I’d just watched myself transform, on video, into her.


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