Abnormal Puberty

“Something bothering you bro?” Lou said looking at his brother.

“Huh…It’s nothing.” Will answered.

Will couldn’t believe it, this was really his little brother. Puberty had hit the teen like a truck, but unlike Will it didn’t make Lou in shape.

over the last few mounts the you boys body had changed, his skin had grown dark, and instead of growing muscular his body seemed to get soft. Will went to college for a semester and came back to find that his brother looked more like a sister. he had a big chest that looked like breasts, his hair was long, and his ass was huge. Not to mention his skin wasn’t white like the rest of the family, it had a ebony tint to it.

“Dude if you keep staring at my ass people are gonna think your gay.” Lou giggled, making his chest bounce.

“Doubt it.” Will mumbled.

“We can leave in a bit i just have to take my pills.” Lou said

The little brother gulped down some water with the medicine and then started to pick at his ass, adjusting a wedgie.

“Feels like I put on some weight in the back.” Lou said “Maybe I need to hit the gym. What do you think Will, does my ass look fat?”

Will could barely contain the huge boner in his pants “Yeah…I guess…”

“Come on let’s get going.” Lou said walking off, his ass cheeks shaking with every step “Hey Will, with puberty your dick’s supposed to get bigger right?”


“Weird cause mine hasn’t grown at all, if anything it got smaller.”

At this time, looking at his brother…Will’s dick, was most certainly not getting smaller.


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