A wish gone right Epilogue

Well, it’s been 4 years since my little encounter with Tiffany. What became of her you ask? well that adorable little thing licking my left tit, that’s her. You never forget your first they say, and despite her not being interested in girls for relationships, I have turned that girl into a pussy licking bisexual. Let me summarize what has happened since then.

I realized the scope of my ability, a mere touch is all it takes to make me irresistible to anyone. For a while I had trouble controlling it, a mere handshake or bumping into someone got me into a lot of slippery situations, (the good kind) before I learned that I could control when I wanted it to work. Since then I have had the opportunity to sample hundreds of the finest pussies that Southern California has to offer. This place has it all, busty beach girls, petite athletes, high school students, college students, soccer moms, I have a virtual limitless selection to choose from.

No matter what their prior opinions about lesbians, no woman seems to be immune from my touch. Once just to test the limits I found an absolute blonde angel, I mean the kind of girl that belongs in Hollywood. She was also a bigoted religious person who believed that homosexuals were damned to hell. Yep, no chance, one touch from me and 30 minutes later she was happily licking my pussy.

One other thing I have come to realize, when I wished to be young forever, the Genie took me literally. I didn’t even notice it until 2 years ago, but my date of birth constantly moves forward every year to ensure I’m 19. Same thing with my banks, the account balance always seems to replenish itself. You might think that would raise some red flags, but it seems to be part of the spell. No one notices my age never increasing or money appearing out of thin air in my accounts.

Who is that blonde girl licking my right tit you ask? Her name is Katie and I met her while trying on lingerie. She was just so irresistible that I fucked her right there in the dressing room before bringing her home. Tiffany and I aren’t exactly together, but she is an incredible fuck, not to mention being a sweet girl, so we’re more BFF’s with some major benefits.

So that is my life now, I seem to forever be a young, beautiful, rich girl and a pussy magnet. if I could find that Genie again, I would thank her sincerely for giving me a truly wonderful new start.


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