A Truly Lovely Bath

Kimiko slowly moved Tim’s trembling hands towards her enormous breasts. She smiled lewdly as pleasure radiated from her nipples. The sensation was incredible, and it was hard to believe she lived for anything but this feeling. What she didn’t realize, however, was that one hour ago she didn’t exist. She used to be Kenneth, Tim’s best friend.

Ken was always an outgoing, intelligent, and kind fellow. While Ken’s life was looking up, Tim’s seemed to be spiraling out of control. The friends were roommates. With every promotion Ken received, Tim would get laid off from his latest job. Tim simply had the worst luck imaginable, whether it be with jobs, money, women or really anything else. Eventually, Tim grew apathetic and downtrodden, unable to conquer his problems. Ken desperately wished to help his friend out of his slump, when a mysterious woman met him one day. The woman offered a “magical bath soap” that would fix their problems if either of them used it. While Ken doubted it would work, he decided to pay the five dollars the girl was asking and try it out. Ken decided he himself would take the bath, unaware of the soap’s true purpose. Ken’s failure to cheer up Tim was heavy on his mind, and this point he was willing to try anything.

Tim filled his bathtub with the soap, then took a single step into the tub. He felt an immense sense of relaxation as his foot entered the water. His whole body felt incredible, and he immediately immersed himself in the mysterious elixir now filling his bathtub. He began to think of Tim, and what might make him happiest. Ken barely noticed as his legs became thin and his feet dainty. He didn’t notice as the hair on his legs washed off with the water, disappearing entirely. As he calmly leaned back his hips widened, and his impressive manhood shrunk down until a feminine slit fully replaced it. His waist narrowed as his figure became even more feminine. Two enormous mounds of flesh formed around his chest, sending Ken moaning in pleasure. As Ken’s shoulders caved in and his arms lost their hair, a name appeared in her mind: Kimiko. She sunk down slower, submersing her head in the magical liquid as it began to change. Ken’s Caucasian features slowly softened, becoming increasingly feminine until his face was that of a gorgeous Asian girl. His blonde hair turned black and grew significantly longer, as Ken unconsciously tied it back into a small ponytail. Memories began to flow into Ken’s mind. Her childhood was happy, and she was reminded of her cherished friends. She was successful in business and in the bedroom, much like Ken’s old life. Intelligent, beautiful, and kind, she seemed to be perfect. Yet, there was one man she had consistently sought after…her best friend Tim. Tim was kind, yet depressed about his current circumstances. With a quick whistle, she asked him to come in for some “help”.

When Tim slowly walked into the bathroom, he saw a naked, huge breasted Japanese woman winking at him. “Come on, the water’s fine” she joked as Tim unconsciously walked closer. His face deep red, he had no idea what to do next. This woman was his every fantasy. Kimiko giggled softly, before pulling him closer. She slowly placed Tim’s hands on her breasts, shivering with pleasure before smiling. “I think I found a way to cheer you up!” she said, before pulling Tim into a deep kiss. It was the beginning of a love that would make both of them happy for the rest of their days. Kimiko had finally succeeded where Ken had failed.


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