The swap

A few years ago, my wife had gotten a special drink that was supposed to make us understand each other better. She said, it would make us swap bodies for a week, and then when we went back to our formerselfs, we would understand each other better. I was a little reluctant, but I was curious about being a woman, so I agreed. After we both drank from it, we swapped bodies. I expected to be in her body, but something went wrong and I was in a whole different city, actually I was in a whole different country. I was a blonde woman. I didn’t know her name.

I was at her place, so I tried looking for a phone, I called my former phone. A man answered, it was my own voice, but I couldn’t understand a word. He was speaking english, but for some reason it all sounded like gibberish to me. I tried to say hello, but I spoke in a different language. The man hung up. I inspected the woman’s house, I found an id, her name was Gabriele. She was married but had no children. Later that day, her husband showed up, he was expecting to have sex with his wife… me… I prentended to be her, it wasn’t that hard since I could speak their language fluently. “My head hurts” I said in their language. It worked, he said he’ll wait until tomorrow.

He still kissed me. I felt discusted. It was 3 in the morning, when I felt his thing poking my ass. He asked if I was feeling better. I was half asleep, so I couldn’t come up with an excuse. 10 minutes later, he was licking my pussy. I was so turned on, I decided to give it a try. And I am glad I did, it felt so great. I have had sex with him everynight since. After the week was over, I expected to go back to my own body, like my wife said. But nothing happened. By searching for my oldself on the internet, I found out he had died on an accident. No wonder I wasn’t able to go back.

I got acostumed to this new life. After a few years, I can say that I really enjoy it. I am right now just resting a little bit after preparing dinner, thinking about my future, and how much I want to be a mother. I guess it is time to leave the pill, and tell my husband I want to get pregnant.


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