A Special Bond

They say twins have a special bond right? Well this is the story of my special bond.

My name is…was…Adam. My twin sister Andrea and I were inseparable all through our younger years, even with our gender difference. We always joked that there was a magical bond between us, it was like we could sense each other in a special way. We were even closer after our parents died in a car accident when we were in our early 20s.

While I lived the single bachelor life, she had found a great man, and married him. I was happy for her, and even got to be his best man in the wedding.

But 6 months after the wedding my world began turning upside down.

I woke up one day, feeling really sick. I called off work and spent the whole day puking. It improved the next day, but I was still throwing up every few days. Being unable to keep anything down, I noticed I was getting skinnier. Oh well, a perk of being sick I suppose.

But then about 4 weeks later, I noticed my hair was growing in a lot faster than normal, and I found myself craving the weirdest combinations of foods. It was strange though, I didn’t seem to be gaining much weight back in my arms or legs, but my chest sure looked flabby and my face was rounding out from all the food. Maybe I should get on a consistent diet and start working out. But I’m just too tired.

About 8 weeks after the first day of sickness, my sister stopped by for a visit, having been out of town on vacation with her husband for a few weeks. She sat me down and told me she had amazing news. “Adam, I’m Pregnant! I know it is quick after the wedding but I am so excited…but these symptoms have been crazy!”

I must have had a shocked look on my face. I made sure to tell her how excited I was…but how odd was it that she was pregnant, and here I was having these symptoms. “Sis I know you are going to think this is weird but I need to talk to you about something”. I explained my symptoms…they matched hers perfectly. “Maybe its just a twin sympathy thing” she said. We figured we would see what happened over the next few weeks, but as we walked past a mirror I noticed how much more we looked alike- I looked a lot more feminine.

Every Friday we got together to compare notes. But it was obvious what was happening as the weeks progressed. The flab on my chest was not just flab anymore. My hair was much longer and very feminine. I looked in the mirror, and saw a near replica of my sister looking back. Looking at my body, I saw all woman besides my penis, and even that was smaller than it used to be…or did it just look smaller because of how wide my hips and ass had become? My sister asked me to come stay at their place for a few weeks, and with all these shocking changes I thought it best.

I watched as my belly grew at the same pace as hers. There was no way this was possible though. I started to freak out even more. I knew we had joked about a magical bond, but I did not expect this sort of magic. Maybe it was time to take me to a doctor.

Then one day I was awoken by a kicking feeling in my abdomen, and as I woke up, I realized something was missing….my penis was gone. As I looked at my body, I was all woman. And judging by that kick, I was actually pregnant. I wanted to freak out, but hormones washed over me, and I was at peace with this.

My sister came in to my room, thrilled to tell me about the baby kicking, only to walk in on me naked looking in the mirror. She walked over to me “I love you Ada, and I can’t wait to be moms together, how crazy is it that your husband got you pregnant at the same time as mine? This twin stuff really is magic!”

Husband? Ada? Well some sort of magic was at work here, but it seemed I was the only one aware. I had my two sets of memories, but this world seemed so much warmer and inviting. I was pregnant! My sister and I were both married! I smiled. This is how things are supposed to be, that other world was not worth fretting over.

My sister snapped this picture a few months later, when we both went out to shop because the due date was so close. Do I miss my old single bachelor life? Sometimes. But I’m a wife and soon to be a mother, and I feel so happy. I figure I have written this story down on this paper, and will hide it away, just like any feelings about my old life. I definitely do believe in magic now, and wonder if other twins have a similar bond…

But I can’t wait to meet my new baby, and get this new life started.


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