A Promise is a Promise Part 2

As I felt him Jason rub my new woman’s body he whispered “long hair, shaved pussy and triple D tits” and my body changed as he ordered. I said “Jason stop this I am your best friend you can not do this to me” he smiled and answered ” you are my best friend and you promised to get me laid so now your my best friend with bennies”. Jason then got and evil smile and said ” I want you to have fun too so I think you just realized that you really love me and you really want me to fuck you.” I felt a wave of warmth cover me and I saw Jason in a whole new way his voice, his smell, his looks all of it was perfect and I wanted him to want me. As Jason sat on the tub I willing let him guide me down on his cock and I rode him as my new DDD breasts bounced. Jason then said ” ORGASM OVER AND OVER TILL I CUM” I exploded screaming in an apocalypse of pleasure all there was left was his huge cock driving in me it was my new world of paradise. then I felt Jason tense and pump his seed in me and I came too. I almost fell the floor and Jason had to hold me up and he said ” now Alexia lets make you a new life because I really love you this way”. to be continue


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