A Promise is a Promise

I learned early on in my town that if you did not have a car you did not have a chance to get a girl. So I made money to save for a car so I could get a girl by tutoring my friends in Math. My best friend Dave felt bad because I never charged him to help because he was my friend. He would offer and offer to pay me but always refused firmly. Finally one day he said ” Bill you are my best friend and I love you man and my parents are rich and I have a hot car and everything I want so why not let me pay you for tutoring me?. I told him “you are starting to piss me off Dave I don’t need you to take care of me”. He looked at me very hurt and I told him I was sorry for snapping at him. He then looked at me and smiled and said ” I want to tell you a secret about my family” I asked what secret, he said “the men in my family are wizards” I laughed and said ok mista pottur. He just smiled and said ” only men born in my family and they and they are never born of a woman born”. I laughed and said ” were you hatched?”. He laughed and said ” no but I will prove it to you lets say if I make a hot girl appear on your bed and you have earth shattering sex, you will promise to do all in your power to give my perfect wife and mother of my children.” I asked “what if I don’t know how to do that?”. Dave said “If you promise I can make so you will not be able to not do just that even if you tried to refuse you would do what is needed to fulfill the promise”. I said ” I would never try to stop you from being happy but to call you on your joke I promise”. I felt a flash of power and I was naked AND a girl. Dave said ” don’t be upset” and my shock and fear drained from me I was still surprised at what happened but not afraid. Dave I believe you change me back I said. Dave then looked at me and said “remember your promise and tell me how you feel about me now”. I looked at Dave and said “you are my best friend for life I love you like a brother I never had”. Dave said “No I said now not 5 minutes ago I need you to think about it and be in touch with your new emotions”. New emotions I thought OHH NEW! as a girl I obeyed. As I pondered how I felt about Dave now I felt a new sensation in the pit of my stomach it was like warm butterflies pushing outward making my core feel empty and needing to be filled. Then my lips became very dry and I licked them. With out saying a word me licking my lips was like a signal to Dave he took me in his arms and kissed me. I was so shocked by his actions I turned around but he still held me some how he was naked too and I felt his penis on my back. I then realized that my head only came to his chest now I was tiny and totally in his control but it seemed right. I felt his left hand on my breast which cased those warm butterflies in my stomach to turn into a high intensity wire. Dave’s right hand slid down my body till rested on my new sex and his finger entered me and Dave wispered as he kissed my neck ” you are so wet you can smell you excitement” he was right I could smell pure sex in the room and it was all me. Dave then touched a button made me moan like 10,000.00 whore and all the strengh drained from my legs. Dave lifted me and slid me on my tummy then lifted my waist and then OHHHHHH MYYYYYY GAWD!!!!!!!!!. Nine months later Dave Jr. is born and I have a mini van.


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