Satisfaction Guaranteed

Gina was tired of her boyfriend pestering her for sex , it was almost non stop lately. Today she just wanted to cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea and watch a chick flick she had been looking forward to seeing. So she changed him into a girl with amazing boobs and sent him into the hot tub so he could keep himself entertained for a couple of hours.
Her plan worked perfectly except that after watching the movie she became really horny and her boyfriend was currently out in the backyard fondling his tits, clearly lacking the equipment to satisfy her urges.

So Gina joined her ‘boyfriend’ in the hot tub and called the pool man that serviced the tub and told him that she had an emergency. She informed him that there were two holes in the hot tub that needed to be plugged ASAP.
The pool man arrived very quickly and told both girls that he always stands behind his work and that satisfaction was guaranteed. And true to his word . he resolved the both issues with great vigor and stamina.

Gina thanked him for being such a professional and she and her boyfriend both held out a 50 dollar bill in an outstretched hand.

“We hope you like our tips” Gina said to the pool man with a smile.

“Anyone can see that you both have great tips” said the pool man sincerely “Thank you so much and you ladies have a nice day”


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